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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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idol. she worked as a travel agent and auditioned for the show twice before she made the cut this season. she beat out cree. we will have more in entertainment. the deadliest tornado touched down. 6 are confirmed dead and four people are missing. >> ann let's go to an mccoy man. she is live from texas and that's where the fatalities occurred. good torning to you -- good morning to you, anna. >> good morning to you. they were escaping 10 minutes before the storm ripped their roof off.
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some say they heard sirens others didn't. >> naturally the wind picked up real hard on the outskirts. me and my buddy cody thought we were going to pass away. we really thought we were going to die. ted griffin and his buddy out fishing they captured this exclusive video of hail grape fut size some even larger. >> you notice one of the five confirmed twisters the national weather service confirmed they saw that coming in. there are reports there are up to 13 tornadoes, though. one of them registering at ef 4 level that is 200 mile an hour winds. i want you to check out this video. a roof ripped off of a cabinet shop. he and his friends working on cars when the storm rolled in.
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>> the sky turned yellowish reddish and the tornado touched down. it was like a mile wide. i put my seat belt on and prayed and grabbed the handle on the seat. >> residents we spoke with say they do not have insurance and they are scrambling trying to find places to stay. the red cross we have seen them making the rounds. multiple grass-roots volunteer groups are there. that's latest in texas. back to you. >> anna, do we know anything about those still missing, so 7 are reported missing still? >> no, we don't have any updates on that. of course we have calls into authorities and we will keep you posted as any information becomes available. >> anna kooiman we will check in with you later this morning, thanks. >> meanwhile maria molina is tracking the storms in the tracking center. good morning molina. >> devastating images coming out of the area ann gnawe just show
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us. 16 tornadoes have been confirme. that number continues to grow. the changes can still be occurring through out the day today as the survey crews head back out and the national weather service to continue surveying the damage across that area. the disturbance that produced the tornadoes yesterday, actually on wednesday now heading eastward. it is still producing a slight chance of severe storms across parts of alabama and into mississippi. but we have a new storm system that is starting to develop. already today we will see the slight chance of severe storms across sections of south dakota and also into wyoming. it won't be until this weekend that this storm system will start to get going. we will see the ingredients coming together starting saturday a warm humid air mass ahead of this system. behind the system you have drier air. that's what we are expecting a severe outbreak on saturday continuing into sunday across the center of the country. a slow moving storm system well.
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sections of midwest, illinois, iowa will be looking at severe weather coming up on monday. >> talking about a severe outbreak let's go down to washington. let's talk about what's going on there in a few hours now. the outgoing irs commissioner is expected to face a real grilling on capitol hill about why that agency targeted conservative groups. if you thought that scandal couldn't get worse even more troubling details emerge. elizabeth pran is live and this has an unusual link to obama care. >> the outgoing commissioner steven miller will testify before the house weighs and means committee today. this two sources telling fox news the irs officials in charge of leading the group when the tea party groups were targeted is now the director of the irs office responsible for carrying out parts of the affordable care act. sara hall ingram was
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commissioner of the tax unit between 2009 and 2012. at that time according to the washington examiners she got more than 100,000 dollars in bonuses. her successor is taking the fall for that scandal and he has since announced his retirement. her new unit is responsible for enforcing parts of the sweeping healthcare law such as enforcing fines associated with the individual mandate and determining whether people are eligible for subsidies from the government to help pay for insurance. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell releasing a report yesterday reading stunning just stunning. meanwhile during the press conference yesterday president obama says he did not know anything about the investigation into the irs program until it was made public. i can assure you that i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before the
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ig report had been leaked through the press. it is unclear if they will resign in the irs in the days to come. but they will be keeping an eye on the hearing today. >> thanks, patti ann? >> thanks, heather. now to stories you can bank on this morning. a roller-coaster for gas prices. joining us from fox business network is lauren simonetti. >> gas prices started the year at 3.29 a gallon. today your national average is $3.61 a gallon. this past month it's up $0.08 alone. one of the reasons we see the spike it has nothing to do with supply. four different refineries in illinois, tulsa, oklahoma and el dorado, kansas causing some states to see huge spikes. in minneapolis record prices there up $0.59 in the past month. milwaukee and cincinnati gas prices rising by $0.35 heading
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into the summer. you know what that means. >> big increase, wow. >> it could pay to travel light at least on one airline. >> on american airlines if you have a bag that will fit under your seat you can get on the plane first. an american says this is going to save them two minutes in their boarding time. but two minutes per flight really adds up bay the end of the day. additionally if you have a rolling suitcase and it has to go up top if you check it at the gate it's free. this is a great way for families to save money $25 a bag. you can check it for free at the gate. american airlines typically is a trend setter with these things with airline miles and baggage seats in the past. >> it speeds up the whole process. the process has slowed down because of all of the baggage fees. >> heather? >> it is time now to brew on this. it is friday so it means it is time for your viral videos of
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the week. which wif which one of yours was the favorite? was it the building left standing after the demolition failed or was it this one? the woman whose bad singing grounded an airline flight? passengers don't love her that's for sure. she refused to stop singing "i will always love you." the pilot made an emergency landing and she was escorted off the plane. or was it the red helicopter that had people on the ground fearing the worse. look at that. it was a pilot practicing his trick moves over san diego. he did back flips and even dangerous dives right there. the pilot is the only one in the united states who can do these stunts. which one was your favorite? you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or send us an email at we will read it later on in the show. the trial for o.j. simpson is
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possibly others to board commercial planes. the problems have been quote largely corrected. also vanishing 625,000 dollars worth of gold right from the tarmac. they are investigating five international airport workers who were there when the mys happened on tuesday. the gold was taken off the plane and put on to a cart. that cart was later found empty. prosecutors are hoping a surprise witness will refute claims of a witness on the stand. they will throw out the hotel room heist conviction. matt deluka was there and he has the latest. >> o.j. simpson watches the surveillance images that helped seal his fate one year ago. the attorneys claiming he was stressed out and didn't know there was a gun in the room when
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he was trying to take back memorabilia. >> there are not sufficient signs that would indicate he was intoxicated enough to not perceive the events around him. >> doctor brown was there to argue on the video and audio recording of the robbery simpson appeared to know what was going on. >> they were clear angry and direct and responsible for each other's actions. >> goldman took the stands claiming items took including signed footballs weren't rightfully his. the last testimony came from oj in his appeal. >> i don't think it was appropriate to do what he did. >> laverne told the court he had concerns about his representation saying the attorney told oj without retrieving the memorabilia.
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>> he proposed an idea to him and he agreed with that idea. it may not have gone as well as they wanted to but he enabled a client the fiduciary to do that. >> we will have more on that through out the day. 18 minutes after the hour. nearly 300,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone. there's new guidelines that will put even more men at risk. we will talk to doctor sim moot about that. oo a this chase ended in a happy ending.
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>> good morning to you. it is 22 minutes after the hour. here are quick headlines for you this morning. the mother whose toddler plunged off a train track in a stroller is speaking out this morning. she says she is grateful for all of the support and well wishes she has gotten. her 14 month old child was in that stroller suffering some bumps and bruises in that traumatic accident but is going to be okay. >> former democratic bp nominee john edwards is become in the spotlight. the senator is hitting up the speaking circuit. the first stop is at a tree reet for lawyers last month. he stayed out of the limelight since he was acquitted last year in campaign finance fraud. patti ann? >> heather, thank you. well, the american neurological association has issued new guidelines on psa screening
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advising men to think carefully before getting screened for prostate cancer. our next guest says fewer screenings could put the health of younger men at risk. joining us now is doctor sim mo simoti. men 40 to 50 shouldn't get tested if they are at average risk from 55 to 69 that's the testing that makes most sense and men over 70 can probably skip it. what do you make of all of this? >> i think this was the news that came right before we got to the aua a couple weeks ago in san diego. we didn't expect to get news like this. basically what they are saying is the risk of screening could be too much. you are going to find a lot of cancers that may not threaten your life but i think also the argument against this is you are going to miss out a lot of aggressive cancers among younger guys. we see in our practice a lot of 40-year-olds, 45-year-olds that have having aggressive cancers
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and was found because of psa. if you are not going to do that you are going to see met it metasticism. if you have high risk family history, african americans and if you like to know about your psa you can ask your doctor. just because the guidelines says you can't get it doesn't mean you should stop screening. you have to be wise about this. >> you can ask your doctor even if it is not recommended. are there money issues here? >> heading toward owe bau ma'am care that plays a role in this financial aspect of this. i always tell my patients over diagnosis, knowing what exactly is going on with you should not lead to over treatment. there are experts who might say wait a minute maybe we do an mri before surgery now we have genetics tests coming in so we can screen who is at high risk
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an low risk. even if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer you don't necessarily need surgery. check with your doctor or surgeon to see what the next treatment is. we will come up with a new web site that will put a lot of in about this. for the time being if people were prostate cancer and need more information they can go to robotic we are going to answer a lot of their questions. very confusing. >> it is. the standards keep changing. >> 25 after the hour. still to come the dead list tornado to hit the united states so far this year. at least six dead, others still reported missing at this hour. we are live on the ground in texas straight ahead. also a get out of jail free card. hundreds of illegal immigrants with criminal records were released because of sequestration. first on this day in history in 2000 the final episode of beverly hills 90210 aired that show premiered in 1990 and ran
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>> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> it is 29 minutes after the hour. time for the top five stories making news at this hour. the obama administration tried to down-play this but immigration in customs enforcement just confirmed hundreds of illegal immigrants
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with criminal records were released because of sequestration. they admitted 622 out of 2200 detainees had criminal convictions. multiple felony convictions and 12 have yet to be reap mreended. senator john mccain is calling this reprehensible. >> a woman disappears after she goes out on a date. 28-year-old teresa howl lee hasn't been seen since sunday. that's when she told friends she was going out with a guy she met on-line. her roommates got concerned when she didn't show up for work on monday morning. >> for her to leave and not contact us or anybody is unlike her. >> her cell phone is going straight to voice mail. any one with information is
2:31 am
asked to call the police department. >> this mother leaps into her car and chases down the man accused of snatching her daughter. he grabbed a 4-year-old from her front yard and tried to flee. the girl chased him for 7 miles and wound up slamming her car into his. hernandez had already pushed the little girl out of the car near where she lives. hernandez took off on foot but turned himself in the next day when he saw his picture on tv. luckily the little girl is okay. >> bernie madoff is making about as much money as a garment worker in bangladesh these days. he is earning about $40 a day taking care of the computer systems in the federal prison where he is. that's about $2 more than the $38 more that garment workers get paid in bangladesh. it could add up, though, he is serving a 150 year sentence. the jackpot is getting bigger by the day.
2:32 am
power ball is worth 1460 -- $550 million. tickets cost 2 bucks each. the odds of winning the top prize 1 in 175 million but we will all still play, right heather? >> we certainly will. we are on to serious news now. the search continues this morning for 7 people who are still missing after northern texas was hammered by a group of tornadoes. now one of the hardest hit areas was granbury, texas 40 miles southwest of fort worth. that is where this exclusive individual wroe was taken. two men watching this twister destroy dozens of homes in the area. anna kooiman joins us outside of another city also badly damaged this storm. anna, that devastation behind you looks just awful this morning. how are things there? >> absolutely. good morning to you, heather.
2:33 am
good morning to everybody at home. we are in hood county the same county as granbury. you see this home now it is almost perpendicular to the road. this is where it used to be almost parallel to the road. these are the stairs here. the hardest hit neighborhoods they are sealed off to the media. the national weather service confirming five tornadoes but reports up to 13. one of them registers at an ef 4 status. the winds packing up to 200 miles an hour. the sheriff in hood county telling us that 6 people have died including two people in their 80s. 7 people are unaccounted for. we spoke with the storm systems yesterday. take a listen. >> the roof comes off the walls are glassy and what are you think sng>> i looked at my mother in law all i knew was to
2:34 am
get her and get out. >> do you have insurance? >> no. >> what's the plan now? >> we don't e no. -- we don't know. >> grateful to god we are safe. we can repair the house but people we can't replace. >> as we are looking around at some of the homes and looking at the victims it's a bit erie. the roof torn off the walls completely collapsed. you will see clothes still hanging in a closet or see canned goods stacked up in the cub boards. an erie sight. we have hail bowling ball sized. larger than the size of grapefruit making slashes 8 feet high. he was in a boat on a lake fishing during that experience as the twister came through. we will show you that coming up next hour. >> anna thanks so much. check in with you later. >> a a break from the storm it's not over yet. let's check in with maria
2:35 am
molina. she is live for us. what's going on? >> good to see you. that disturbance produced severe weather has moved further eastward. we could still see isolated severe storms across parts of mississippi and alabama. it's the next storm system that is a major concern. this is going to be producing a much more widespread and possibly more intense severe weather outbreak as we head into this weekend starting on saturday continuing into sunday and even into monday of next week. you can see the area impacted here over the next several days from parts of texas up into parts of minnesota. on saturday talking oklahoma city into sections of minneapolis. a very large area impacted here damaging wind gusts and 60 miles per hour large hail and tornadoes will be likely by sunday. small area into parts of oklahoma. you need to heed any warnings. monday take a look at this north central texas could be impacted again by severe weather up into sections of illinois and also iowa. of course we will keep an eye on
2:36 am
it. >> all right maria thank you so much. >> thank you. >> in a few hours all eyes will be on capitol hill. we are expected to learn more about the growing irs scandal. today the outgoing head of the agency will testify before congress. doug luzader is live in washington with all of the details for us. good morning, doug. >> good morning. the acting commissioner of the irs steven miller is being fired in slow-motion but one of his last tasks will be taking major heat from capitol hill. yesterday president obama spoke about the irs situation where he found a cover with a marine with an umbrella. the political fallout is going to continue to rain down as the president offered a very carefully worded explanation when asked when the white house learned about the scandal. >> i can assure you that i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before the ig report had been leaked
2:37 am
through press -- through the press. >> stooe enmill -- steven millee acting head of the irs will be on capitol hill as the agency's targeting of conservative groups. on wednesday the president announced the administration demanded miller's resignation. now, though, we have learned he will remain on the job until at least next week. fox is also confirmed a report that sara paul ingram, the woman who headed the irs department in question the woman accused of single out groups has announced major expansion into the obama care foreignsment. the same program many of the same conservative groups oppose. that say some republicans is a clear motive. >> they started speaking their minds. all of a sudden the ruling class in washington got scared and started retaliating before this movement could gain too much moment momentum. >> and meantime it looks like another irs official is on his
2:38 am
way out. joseph grant who took over sara hall ingram's old job has suddenly decide to do retire next month. back to you in new york. >> interesting doug luzader, thank you. >> you hear the music and you know what that means it's time to step into the fox light with michael samaro. b new american idol. big night. >> third time is a charm for 22-year-old candice glover from south carolina. her jazz zee r&b style was a panel favorite and apparently america agreed. if you check out her performance with jennifer hudson last night you can see why. ♪ >> a lot of big performances last night.
2:39 am
>> she holds her own with jennifer hudson there. >> what put her over the top and made her the winner? >> it is a close race between her and cree harrison from texas. >> you can see what you want about this season at the end of the day it produced two really good vocalists. >> fox just had what it called up front and that's what we are talking about it's new programs in the fox fall season. >> the big news is? >> "24" is returning. >> jack is back, and apparently yours truly had a big, big starring role in the original series. >> i had a little cameo a couple years back in the season final shot in new york city. that's me. there was some other ones as well. my mom thought it was kind of fun. >> call emmy quick. >> tell us about the new season. what is this going to look like? >> it is clear in the summer of
2:40 am
14 it will be 12 episodes. my gut will tell me it will be a little bigger than the first one. >> a bigger hit? >> originally "24" it was before the age of dvr and on demand. if you missed the first couple episodes you were kind of lost. >> you were lost and had to buy it on dvd. >> this has a whe new audience. >> as a producer from "24" went to home land which is a huge favorite of so many people. i hope it doesn't take a hit with the loss of that guy. >> no i don't think so. there's a lot of room in the fall. >> they got a tough hurdle now with the competition. michael, thank you. >> thank you. >> catch me on twitter at fox night -- in the fox light. >> a driver is making a big splash after crashing into a car sending it straight into a motel
2:41 am
pool. talk about that when we come back. i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effes are dizziness, sleess, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taki lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain -- it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of phyllis's story, visit >> a man is convicted of murder after his victim identifies him by blinking. the victim was paralyzed after he was shot in the head and neck and was only able to communicate through his eyes. he was able to identify this man ricardo woods by blinking three times when he saw this photo in the hospital. that victim sad lie died two
2:45 am
weeks later woods is now appealing that conviction. a car loses control narrowly missing a car head on. it hits a parked car and sends it flying into a npool at a nearby hotel. no one was in the pool when it happened. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word on the injuries or why that lady lost control of the car. patti ann. careful there. >> it has been a roller-coaster year and they are spiking nationwide. trallers are getting ready to hit the road memorial day. why are we paying so much at the pump? diane macedo has answers. >> oil refineries are sending prices soreing in the midwest and they are soon to be affecting prices nationwide. the problem is outages at refineries in illinois and
2:46 am
several other states in that area, indiana, oklahoma that's tushing out foot at the refineri refineries. crude supplies are they highest level since the 1930s. energy companies are coming up. gas prices in the midwest have already spiked up to $0.27 a gallon in the past week alone. while it is a regional problem those refinery issues are expected to send the national average possibly hitting 385 a gal lovenlt this week the government credited april drop in gas prices helping to push consumer inflation down and consumer spending up. the rising gas prices are expected to reverse both of those trends de tracting from the already small growth. >> diane macedo, thank you. >> it is 14 until the top of the hour. we have grand new exclusive video of inside jody arias'
2:47 am
prison cell. this after an emotional day in court. >> are those pink sheets? >> the pro nfl football player is a wanted man this morning. there's a warrant out for his arrest. we will have those details next. >> first steve doocy see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> we have a pack friday show. we have the latest overnight from the devastating and deadly tornadoes down there. it left at least 6 people dead. super man actor dean cain weighs in on the white house's rough week. it has been tough. plus how a 101-year-old woman found her secret to a long and healthy life at the mall. plus donald rumsfeld weighs in on benghazi. explosive. a live performance from country
2:48 am
super star trace adkins. it kicks off right here on your channel for news. see you shortly. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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>> 9 after the hour. chad johnson is a wanted man this morning. a warrant has been issued for a warrant has been issued for the six time probowler's arrest after he failed to report to his probation officer. johnson was put on probation for one year after pleading no contest to a domestic violence charge. >> a post to the memory of the officer allegedly killed by the boston
2:52 am
bombers. the cambridge brewing company is creating a beer named after sean collier, available next month. >> jody ariel will have to wait to learn her fate. a judge unexpectedly sending home the jury yesterday delaying her trial again. fox obtained new video of inside her prison cell. take a look at this. of course it is a cramped space. we expect that. what's surprising here, the pink bed sheets. also look at all the newspaper clippings spread around. she is apparently locked in there all for one hour of the day. she was emotional yesterday. it was emotion day yesterday actually as her ex-boyfriend's family spoke about travis alexander. she was of course of murdering him last week. a look at the arguments from inside that phoenix courtroom. >> how do you try to save the life of a woman who says she wants to die? >> i said i'd rather get
2:53 am
death than life. >> her attorneys tried to withdraw from the case but the judge would not let them, so they went ahead and argued there are mitigating factors or legal reasons to save her life. no prior criminal history, abuse in her childhood. even a talent for art. >> when you hear all the evidence, when you consider all the mitigating factors, when you understand who ms. arias is, you will understand life is the appropriate penalty. >> the prosecutor warned the jury not to forget jody's victims. >> that fairness goes to the defendant but also to the person who isn't here -- travis alexander. >> in the end the defense's argument boiled down to begging for mercy. >> the trial is set to resume on monday morning, and fox learned jodi arias herself will give a statement in her own defense. it is now about seven minutes before the hour.
2:54 am
it is your last chance to vote on your favorite viral video of the week. is it the failed demolition? the woman who wouldn't stop singing on the plane or the helicopter flip? we'll have your responses next. >> keep sharing your awesomely good or bad prom memories. can you tell who this is? >> the one in the floral dress. >> that was me circa 1998 or so. we'll be right back. changing the world is exhausting business. with the innovating and the transforming and the revolutionizing. it's enough to make you forget that you're flying five hundred miles an hour on a chair that just became a bed. you see, we're doing some changing of our own. ah, we can talk about it later. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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>> it is two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. the outgoing head of the i.r.s. is set to testify on capitol hill today on the scandal over the agency targeting conservative groups. crews will be searching for seven people who went missing wednesday night after 16 tornadoes touched down in texas. the powerball jackpot is getting bigger by the day. it is now up to $550 million. the drawing is tomorrow night. good luck. >> time for your brew on question of the day responses. earlier we showed you the viral videos we used this week. demolition gone wrong, the woman who's horrible singing grounded a plane >> albert says the woman singing on the plane. she was singing to waupl down while -- to calm down while singing. >> steve voted for the
2:59 am
helicopter stunt because they didn't know that was pop. just amazing. >> karen writes that the woman singing whitney was epic. >> the winner is the helicopter flips with 54% of the vote. >> the woman singing and the demolition gone wrong tied for 23%. >> before we go, prom season around the corner. with the dresses, tuxes and limos there are usually plenty of photos. >> we're asking you to send in your pictures and here are some of them. this came from karen white. this is her younger brother. it looks like that lucky guy has two dates. >> now we have the mom prom. it's a ladies' night out for charity. the women wear their old prom gown or brides maid dress or wedding gown. cool. >> love that. this picture, does this person look familiar to you? that is me at my prom. isn't it funny that's actually fashionable again. like 20 years or something later. >> you can wear that to the mom prom. >> me with the big hair.
3:00 am
>> keep sharing your awesomely good or bad prom memories. tweet them to fox friends first. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> goodbye. >>gretchen: good morning. it is friday, may 17, 2013. thanks for sharing your time. i'm gretchen carlson. another i.r.s. bombshell. the woman overseeing the targeting of conservative groups now in charge of obamacare for the i.r.s. think that is a coincidence? we will report and you decide. >>steve: the hits keep coming. brand-new reports, the department of justice just lost two known or suspected terrorists. and they could have been on the last flight you were on. they could be on your flight later today. >>brian: they might be my neighbor. >>steve: what happened? we'll try to put it all together for you. >>brian: sorry for interrupting you. an exclusive look at a convicted killer.
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